Hi I'm Charlie aka Neon Lover extraordinaire! Welcome...finally to the Neon Beach Club website and thank you for your patience.  I started Neon Beach Club almost exactly one year ago and there has been SO much to do that the website has been a little late to the party! 

As you can see I love all things Neon, Starry & Sparkly!  My Neon obsession began in the peak of the Fluoro era - the 80's!! At the tender age of 12 I fell in love whilst out shopping with my parents for my very first ski outfit. Having located the 'DASH' black, Neon paint splattered ski jacket, I found them...Neon Green and Neon Pink salopettes and that was it I was hooked. It was impossible to choose between them and so by some force of nature I was able to persuade my parents that I NEEDED both pairs! They lasted me years and I forced myself into them until they became too short!

My heart races every time I see anything Neon... seriously... The majority of my Summer wardrobe has something Neon on it - a trim, a tassel, a pom pom and my Winter wardrobe is much the same but also 90% starry or sparkly.

Having survived a very exciting career in PR - Luxury goods, fashion, beauty and the early days of celebrity madness and having successfully produced 3 lovely (sometimes) children and relocated from London to Hertfordshire and finally settling in the beautiful Stratford upon Avon, 5 house moves later... I decided to channel this love of mine and create a collection for you all to love too!

I have one strict rule - this collection ONLY consists of things I LOVE, would buy for myself (bit of a habit) or as gifts for others.  It must be the PR in me but I have to feel the passion about every single item.  I have carefully curated a collection which I hope that you will all enjoy.

I welcome feedback - good or bad. Thank you for all your support so far and I promise to keep finding lovely things for you! 

Lots of love 

Charlie xx