Beachpowder Shimmer


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Beachpowder is a brand new product which removes sand from the skin, leaving you silky-smooth and smelling fantastic. It’s talc-free, all-natural and safe for your skin and for the environment!

Available in 2 variations -with Shimmer or without

Regular - (no Shimmer) The subtle vanilla ice-cream scent is suitable for everyone

Shimmer - The subtle, lustrous sparkle of Beachpowder shimmer brings glamour to your beach holiday. Party-goers love it! It’s also perfect for tempting your little ones off the beach at home-time. You can’t stand the sand - they can’t resist the shimmer!

Just sprinkle Beachpowder/ Shimmer onto towel-dried skin when you need to get rid of sand, then gently dust off with your hands.